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Google Sheets Integration Dashboard

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In this article, we will see the Google Sheets Integration dashboard which you will find in the Integrations section of your account!

For more information about how the Google Sheet block works, please check here

In this section you will see all the accounts from the different teammates that have connected a Google Sheets block with their account.

Here you will be able to:

  1. Add a new Google account, for it just click on the 'Add Google account' button you will find to your right and a pop-up to connect with your Google Account will open, just accept the permissions and then you will be redirected to Landbot and the account will be visible on the list.
  2. On each account if you click on the three dots to the right you will be able to see the connected bots to that account or delete the account

You can only delete accounts that have no bots connected to them, if you try to delete an account that has a Google Sheets block in some bot with that account linked, you will see this pop-up

Here you can proceed with deleting it anyway, but if you do it all the Google Sheets blocks connected to the account will be broken.

What we recommend is clicking on the bot and either deleting the blocks or changing the account to keep the block active and working!

Google Sheets Migration

Google has recently updated its authentication permissions. This update is significant and requires that all of our users migrate their current Google Sheets blocks to the new version to ensure that all of the blocks are up to date to Google's new policies.

This migration has to be done before July 15th, otherwise after this date, all the bots that have Google Sheets blocks that have not been migrated will become non-operational.

The migrations are done individually in each Google account, so all the teammates of your account that have added a Google Sheets block will need to migrate their accounts themselves, as they have to login again to their Google account.

To migrate all the bots linked to your account, by bulk, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Integrations > Google Sheets > Accounts or justΒ clickΒ this link
  2. Click the three dots on the right of each account and thenΒ select "Migrate account"
  3. You will be asked to Login with Google and a pop-up will open.
  4. After the connection to Google has been made, you will be sent back to Landbot and the account should appear as Migrated!

IMPORTANT: You cannot have any of the bots you're migrating open inside Landbot, so make sure nor you or your teammates are editing the bot when the migration process is happening!

Once you have finished the migration, you should see the status of the account as 'Migrated' in green

You can also migrate each block individually inside your bot, for it you just need to go to the bot builder locate the Google Sheets block and you will see it will have a warning that says Action required so just click on the three dots > Migrate block to new version

FAQs on Google Sheets Migration
  1. What happens if you see on the Accounts section that the migration of your account has failed?

In that case you need to click on the three dots > Show connected bots > you will see a list of the bots connected to that Google Account and the one that need your attention will have the 'Migration failed' warning.

Just click on the bot and you will need to locate the Google Sheets block that has the 'Action required' tag and migrate it manually!

  1. What if you already completed the migration and the account appears as 'Migrated' successfully but when you go to your Dashboard you see this warning?

This can happen because some of the blocks that are connected to your bots either were connected with accounts that no longer exist (by colleagues who no longer have access to Landbot) or is connected to an active account but that Google account lost access to the spreadsheet, to fix it, you need to open each bot that was the warning, locate the block and migrate it manually.

  1. You have no G Sheets blocks showing the 'Action required' warning on your bot, but on your Dashboard you still see the bot 'requires an action'

This can happen because a previous Google Sheets block added to your bot was deleted and the system still recognizes that block as part of your bot, to fix this we have set up this Optimization pop-up that you will need to accept to have the system find that old block and fix it.

If after having made the Optimization, you still see the bot still shows the red warning on your Dashboard, and you've went through all of your bricks and there is no G Sheets block with the 'action required' warning, contact us on the Support team so we can check it πŸ§πŸ™

Error Log

In this section you will be able to check information about errors and it's details

The most common errors that can be found are 'internal server' or 'timed out' errors.

These are isolated errors that are generated between our servers and Google's, nothing that can be fixed by your side or generated by your bots, we are working to differentiate these errors so you don't receive notifications on these cases.

If you need more information on a specific error, please contact us on the Support team and we'll research it and help you 🧐

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