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Media block

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Prefer watching than reading? No problem, we've got you covered 👇

For Web

Because Landbot doesn't live only by messages and emojis alone, learn how to send media within the conversation and boost engagement! 👆🏻

To add Media to your flow, you have two different options:

  1. Creating a new Media type block:

Which will automatically open the Media insertion menu:

  1. Or by creating a new Send a Message block:

And clicking on Media and then on the pencil icon:

Here you can select which type of media you want to add to the flow:

Upload your file

Click on browse to add any type of image (JPG, PNG, GIF) from your computer:

The Maximum file size allowed is 20MB for Web Bots, and 16MB for WhatsApp bots.
  1. Image


Final view:

PDF files

All PDF files will be opened on a different tab.


Final view:

  1. .doc (Word), Excel, .csv files

All these files will have the same image in the builder and will be automatically downloaded on your device once the user clicks on the file:


You can also customize the default message ''Open file'' through Settings > Custom System Messages > Buttons > Open File Button:

The final view will be the same as with PDF files

  1. Video


Supported video types: mp4, web, m4v, ogv

Final view in Landbot v3:

  1. Audio


Final view in Landbot v3:

Supported audio types: ogg, mp3, wav
From URL

Paste the URL of any image here and it will display within the flow:

Warning: the URL must be an HTTPS:// otherwise you will get an error that will not allow you to save changes.

💡After you use an image (or any file) from URL in the media block, by clicking on edit you can still see the corresponding URL (same for the videos embedded). For uploaded files, you can either open the file in a new tab or delete to replace it.

The final look will be the same as when you upload an image file.


Type anything to see a recommendation of the best - related GIFs powered by GIPHY:

Final view:

Video Embed

Paste your YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia video's URL here and it will be shown in the message:

Final view:

If you want to use a YouTube video you must copy the actual URL from the browser (example: and not the one from the share option (example:
Extra information ⚠️
  • Audio and video players are not customizable and can change slightly depending on browser and devices.
  • All “not supported formats” will open in a new tab or directly download (depending on the file type) by clicking on the button “Open file”.
  • The text of “Open file” will be customizable in  Custom System Messages
  • For WhatsApp

Is possible to send pictures, and YouTube Links, BUT is not possible to send Gifs, also no links will display. Remember than videos and audios must be no larger than 16MB!

WhatsApp does not allow the use of MP3 audio files. Please check out this article for more information regarding WhatsApp's supported media types.

For Facebook Messenger

In the Media block for Messenger bots:

✅ You can send pictures, Youtube videos, Audio Messages.

Gifs will autoplay if sent via Media block, in Message blocks, only the link to the gif will be displayed.

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