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How to build an event registration Landbot (to be used in one screen by many attendees) (web only)

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There are many occasions when we want to store information from the attendees of your events, or register them in your database to use the information later on. But we don't want to blast the people with a link, we can provide them with a screen (tablet, phone, laptop...) where they are going to fill, one after the other, their details.

You can ask many questions, and the length might depend on many things, but the most important bit is that we need to keep all the information, and don't loose the information of the last registered attendee by overwriting it with the information of the next one. Let's see how to achieve it in these easy to follow steps:


  1. Go to the general Settings tab

  1. Go to the Second Visit section

  1. Select the "Always start a new conversation" option

  1. Scroll down and press Apply Changes

  1. Go to the top right corner and click on the Save button


  1. At the end of the flow, once you done all the questions add a CLOSE CHAT block

  1. After the CLOSE CHAT block add a GOODBYE BLOCK

A - In case you are using the standalone URL given by the bot:

  • Go to the Share tab
  • Click on Share
  • Copy the url

B - In case the bot is embedded in a domain

  • Copy the url of the bot where is going to be embedded

  1. Go to the Goodbye Block

  1. Select Redirect (Switch on)

  1. Add the Url where the bot is


  1. Fill the questions, let the bot get all the data and wait for the bot to reload

Final view πŸš€

  1. Repeat the process a couple of times and go to the Analyze section

  1. Go to the Users list

  1. You will see that every individual test has been stored separately

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