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How to use Google Spreadsheet as a Content Management System for your bot

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When you're building bots with a similar structure but with different content, you will consider to build a different bot for each case. But here's an alternative for building bots the smart and more efficient way! One bot that fits many different cases with the help of Google Spreadsheet, which will make things easy and quick to edit.

  1. To do so, what we will do is to create blocks that will do the role of placeholders for our content. And the content will be displayed via variables that we will establish previously like in the picture below:

Starting with the Question block as in the picture below, where we will set the variable (in this case @joboffertitle) that will be the reference column value in our search:

And in each block will have a variable:

It's important that the variables follow the format shown in the picture: @{name of your variable}

  1. In Google Spreadsheets we will set the content that we want to display in the bot. Each column will be a variable that we are using in the bot, and each row will be for a specific case, to do so we need a reference item, please make sure they are all different!

Below is an example of the spreadsheet configuration

Note that even in Google Spreadsheet you can use variables to even personalise more the content you are going to display:

  1. Once the structure of your Spreadsheet is done, and the blocks inside Landbot have the variables as placeholders, you can create the Google Spreadsheet integration, to get the data, like in the picture below:

Here is a Demo to show how it will look like: DEMO LINK

If you want to play and test with this way of working, please check our Brick WorkAround: CMS Google Spreadsheet v0.1

You can also use check the Spreadsheet we built for this case, feel free to copy an play with it: Spreadsheet

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