Delete Customer Data in Flow

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We may want to delete our customer data, after we've sent it to our CRM

In this example we'll show you how to connect to Make to send an API petition to delete our customer data, after we've sent it to our CRM

Here's what the flow looks like in Landbot:

After collecting our user's information, we'll send it to our CRM (this doesn't necessarily have to be done with a Webhook)

We'll then connect to Make via Webhook and send our customer's ID (@id) as a parameter

Here's what our Make scenario looks like:

Let's start by adding a Custom webhook block, here we'll copy the address and add it to our Landbot Webhook block:

Our Landbot webhook block will look like this:

We just need to add the variable ID as a parameter

Before testing the Webhook, let's go back to Make's Webhook and select 'Determine data structure':

Now in Landbot, we'll test our Webhook:

This is the response we want to see!

Back to Make, we'll now add an HTTP make a request module:

We'll add the following url:

When we click on XXXX we'll have the option to add the @id we sent here

Next in Method we'll select 'DELETE'

Finally, we'll just need to add our API key, we'll add it in the Header:

As the key we'll add Authorization then we'll add Token XXXXXXXX

Replacing XXXXX with your API key

That's it! Now we just need to save and activate our Make scenario:

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