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Disclaimer- These functionalities are crafted using OpenAI technology. Kindly note their present limitations - instances of hallucinations and the possibility of inaccurate or unreliable outputs may arise.

We're excited to introduce our latest AI-powered feature - the AI Appointment Assistant. This intuitive tool is designed to simplify the appointment scheduling process, making it a breeze for both businesses and leads πŸ—“οΈ

In this article, we'll walk you through the setup process and provide tips to maximize the potential of this powerful new addition to Landbot.

AI Appointment Assitant

The AI Appointment Assistant is all about making appointment scheduling effortless. Follow these simple steps to create your first AI Appointment Assitant bot:

  1. On your Home section, select the Appointments widget and choose your channel, this feature is compatible with Web and WhatsApp bots:
  1. Once you choose the channel, you will be greeted with an intuitive setup to follow. The sections you will have to complete to create your AI Appointment Assistant bot are the following:
  • Your calendar: The first step will be to connect your Google account with the bot so that your leads can book the meeting. In this section, you can also choose whether you want the meeting to include a Video call or not. You will be able to choose the duration of the meeting, the days, and the time slots you want to show as available.
  • Ask the lead: The next step is choosing what information you want the bot to ask the lead. We have provided the 4 basic questions usually needed for setting an appointment, but you can add your own custom questions if you want.
  • Answer the lead: You will also be able to provide answers for your leads, by training the bot with relevant information about your company, in case the lead wants to ask anything before deciding to book the call.
  • Customize assistant: Once you have set the most important questions and answers for your lead, you can then proceed with the customization of the bot. Give the Assistant a name that you consider fits your business, and select one or more languages for the assistant to use.
  • Notification: Last but not least, provide an email where you will be receiving the meeting notification along with the information gathered by your AI Assistant.
  1. To finish setting up your AI Appointment Assitant, don't forget to publish the changes to make it available for your leads to use.
  1. Once the bot starts interacting with leads, you can then Analyze tab to observe your assistant's performance and review conversations with customers.
  1. Once the lead has filled in all the required information, the bot will then suggest some days and hours for them to choose from. When this is completed, you will receive an email with the information provided by the lead and the time they selected. In the meantime, the lead will receive an email with a Google Meeting invitation. This is how the conversation with your lead will look like:

Channel compatibility

This feature is available only for Web and WhatsApp channels.

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