Dynamic Customizations

How to change Avatar dynamically (Landbot v3)

If you want to change the Avatar due to any conversation design reason, you can do it easily with this snippet: /*CHANGE THE URL BELOW FOR THE ONE OF YOUR DESIRED NEW AVATAR*/ var picUrl = "https://u…

Pau Sanchez
Updated by Pau Sanchez

Dynamically Change a Bot's Background

Please note that this will only work in Landbot V3 There are times during the flow that you may want to change your bot's background, we've created a workaround that lets you do just that! You can ch…

Updated by Abby

Dynamically Change Any Style

There are some instances where we may need to change the styles halfway through, or maybe we want to 'Jump to' another bot and change the styling there as well. We already have documentation for doin…

Updated by Abby