How to avoid visitors selecting specific days of the week

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Sometimes we might want to don't allow users to select specific days of the Week. Currently the Calendar question you cannot block specific days, so the user can select any of the days. Here is a solution to this problem.

What we are going to do is to find out the day of the week selected in the calendar and set up a condition, that based in our interests will force the user to pick another day.

As you can see below, we use the Brick called "Date selected is" right after the Question: Date block

Inside the brick we have an example ready to use, we check if is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. And depending if the condition is True or False, the flow works accordingly

So, there are only two things we need to Edit:

1. Inside the Webhook body, we only need to specify the format to be the same as the one used in the Question Date block:

As in the Question Date:

2. The second thing we need to Edit is the Condition according to the days of the week we need to:

Right after the condition, if is True or False we can redirect the flow

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