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The Dashboard is one of the most important section of the app, from here you can manage your bots, group them in folders, start building your bots, get inspired by one of our templates and in general access to all the other section of Landbot. Let's discover what you can do together! πŸ™Œ

The Dashboard consists of four sections:

  1. Workspaces
  2. Templates
  3. Team members
  4. Help
  5. Side menu


Workspaces work life folders, you can create as many as you want and add bots to different workspaces to organize and classify them.

To create a new Workspace just click on the Add Workspace button, type in the name of the Workspace (only a max of 50 characters allowed, then press Enter on your keyboard and the Workspace will be created!

To add a bot into a Workspace, just click on the three dots on the right and then on Move to you have to type in the name of the Workspace you'd like to add the bot to.

In case you have deleted any bots, you can find them in the Trash folder, right under your Workspaces:

The central part of the Dashboard gives you a view of all the bots (which means you will see your Web bots, Messenger bots and WhatsApp bots in one list) you have created:

You can distinguish each bot by their icon:

You can duplicate, rename, move, disable or deleteΒ any Landbot by clicking on the three dots.

On the right upper corner you'll find the option to Build a Chatbot which will also take you to the Templates section

Once you click on it it will ask you to choose what kind of bot you want to build:


To access this section you need to previously have clicked on the Build a chatbot option.

Here's an overview:

By default, ALL templates will appear on the Dashboard, but on the left menu you will find all the different sections of templates, click on them to filter them.

The templates that are for WhatsApp will have (WA) written on their title, and the ones who don't have this are templates for Web bots.T

Team members

Here you will find the list of all the teammates of your Landbot account, if you click on them, you'll be redirected to their profiles on the Team section.

If you want to add a new teammate, just click on Add Team Member and you'll be asked to enter the email of the new teammate and the monthly price for it will be calculated.

For more information on teammates and how to add them, click here


Here you can consult all the resources we have for you!

  • Landbot Academy: here you will find all our video tutorials, courses, webinars, product updates and more content!
  • Articles: it will redirect you to our Knowledge Center where all of our articles are published
  • Dev Documentation: created by our incredible Technical team, here you'll find all the API and Custom Code documentation.
  • Workarounds: all the technical workarounds our Tech team has documented throught the years!
  • Community: by clicking here you'll be redirected to create your own Community account and start interacting with the Landbot's community!
  • Public Roadmap: our Product team is constantly upating our Public Roadmap with lots of love!

Side Menu

The menu on the left side shows you the main sections of our app:

In order, from the top to the bottom, we have:

  • Home 🏠: Here you'll find all the latest updates on Landbot as well as you Plan details
  • Dashboard πŸ€–: the section we're in, with our bots, templates, and the possibility to create new ones;
  • Inbox πŸ“©:Β the section where we can see the all the chats generated by our bots, and jump into the chatΒ as a human agent when needed.Β Learn more.
  • WhatsApp πŸ’¬: here you will find all of your WhatsApp channels and the sections inside them (Subscribers, Campaigns, Audiences, Message Templates, etc)
  • ChannelsπŸ“²: the Channels section will display the channels for yourΒ MessengerΒ andΒ API chatbots. Learn more.
  • Metrics section πŸ“Š: where we can see the bot results, users data, get agent reports, and request data as CSV. Learn more.
  • Integrations πŸ”Œ: In this section you can find the list of all the supported apps and integrations we support, set up the integrations, check the error logs, and much more! Learn more.
  • Subscription πŸ’³: Manage all the information about your subscription, change plans, edit billing details, and find your invoices in this section. Learn more.
  • Help ❓: direct access to our Knowledge Center and helpful information. Learn more.
  • Avatar/User πŸ™†πŸ»β€β™€οΈ:Β use it to change your account settings, connection status or log out. Learn more.

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