Google Maps

Embed Google Maps

We can display any address we want with the Google Maps Embed API, whether the address is an input from the user with our Address block or we just want to display our business address. This is what t…

Updated 11 hours ago by Abby

Google Maps API Key for Address block

In order to be able to display the autocomplete functionality with the Address block, you need to use your own API key. Bear in mind that Google Cloud requires you to enable billing in order to use t…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 11 hours ago by Pau Sanchez

Extract Data With Google Maps Geocoding API

By using this API from Google we'll be able to extract a more accurate address and save it in variables such as postal code, locality, etc.

Updated 2 years ago by Abby

Calculate Distances With Google Maps API

By first extracting the data from our user's address and then creating a function we'll be able to calculate the distances in kilometers from one point to another.

Updated 6 months ago by Abby