Create a JSON format response from OpenAI in WhatsApp

In this article, we will see how to generate a response in JSON format using Open AI. Specifically, in this example, we will see how to classify a user request in WhatsApp. Imagine the bot collects u…

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FAQs block

This feature enables you to create an intelligent and efficient chatbot that can answer questions based on the content you provide. In this guide,…

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How to build a FAQ chatbot with GPT-3

Use a FAQ bot to answer customer queries with Landbot’s GPT-3 Integration. Access the FAQ bot template here (tutorial included) and follow the instructions. Access the FAQ demo bot here –issues court…

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GPT-4 in Landbot

After a long wait, GPT-4 is now available to the general public! So, how does it differ from GPT3.5? In a casual conversation, the distinction between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 can be subtle. The difference…

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Fine-Tune GPT3 with Postman

In this tutorial we'll explain how you can fine-tune your GPT3 model only using Postman, you can even use Postman web, no need to download the app create new HTTP request Keep…

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Ready for chatGPT? click here to start (must add api key for it to work). OpenAI is a powerful Natural Language Processing tool, that provides an API which can be easily integrated into your chatbot…

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Prompt Engineering for GPT-3

Prompt engineering is the delicate and subtle art of crafting specialized instructions for AI models to perform specific tasks with high accuracy and efficiency. In the case of Large Language Models…

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Build a Customer Service Bot with ChatGPT and Extract Information

Exciting news for AI enthusiasts and developers! As of March 1st, the API for ChatGPT is now available to the public, and it includes the latest available version of the impressive language model. Wh…

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