Bot Settings

Bot General Settings

F or Landbot (Web). The Settings of your bot is where you manage and supervise your bot's basic set up. To access this section all you need to do is click on the Setting icon on the top bar of the bu…


Second Visit Settings

For Landbot (Web). Second Visit is a setting that tells you what will happen if a user goes back to your bot a second time. You can find it in the Settings section of your bot: The default Second Vis…


Custom System Messages

For Landbot (Web). Custom System Messages are the automatic help and error texts shown by default within your bot's interface, and also the place where to translate bot default messages to your prefe…


Hidden Fields (Get params / UTMs from url and use it as variables)

πŸ‘‰ Did you know that you can hyper-personalize the user experience of your bots with the Hidden Fields? Do you want to capture UTM from your campaigns? For example, if you already have the user's name…


Landbot native SEO & Tracking tools

Here you can customize all the meta-information of your Landbot shown when you share it in Social Media Networks using the URL provided by the app. You can also add third-party tracking code add like…


Typing Emulation (Message Delay)

For Landbot (web). Create a more human User Experience by customising the typing emulation of your landbot's messages. The typing emulation consists of the three moving dots that show up before every…