Chats - Livechat and Human Takeover

Chats Section guide (v 3.1)

We welcome you to the redesigned Chats section (Version 3.1), the place where humans and Chatbots meet! 🀩 From the Chats section, you can see all conversations between the bots and your leads in real…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 2 weeks ago by Rafaela Basso

Human Takeover block

The Human Takeover block an improved and minimalist version of our classic Human Takeover block. It does the essential: assigns the conversation to online agents if available, and if not, allows the…

Updated 1 week ago by Dilyara

Bot Launcher

Step away from a conversation leaving it in good hands ! The Bot Launcher feature allows you to automatically collect valuable data from your conversations while managing other chats. Directly from t…

Updated 4 months ago by Enrico

Close Chat block

for Landbot (Web). Warning: This feature will not automatically close the conversation's tab/window. It closes a conversation in the Chats section of your Landbot account. With the Close Chat block y…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 1 week ago by Rafaela Basso