Embed Customizations

How to "send" a user to a specific point in the flow with Javascript and with the API

In some occasions, we might want to redirect the user to a specific step in the flow. Maybe triggered with an action (onclick) in the website where the bot is embedded or maybe trigger it with the AP…

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Modifying Embed Size

When embedding a container in a web page it's sometimes needed to adjust the size or position of the container. Here's how to do so using various container types

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Load script and display bot on click button

Below is the sample code of a site that will trigger a pop up as soon as the site is loaded, and a button that if clicked it will reopen the bot once is closed <!DOCTYPE html> <head> <meta name="view…


How to launch a Landbot by clicking a button

Here below you can find the code you need to trigger and open your landbot, embedded as a LiveChat or Pop up mode, by clicking a button. <html> <body> <div id="wrapper"> <button class="openbot">Open…

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Open LiveChat bot as soon as page loads (3 ways)

These scripts are valid for both Livechat and Popup embed types. Maybe we want to display the LiveChat as soon as the page is loaded to greet customers, here are three ways to do it:. Display bot Alw…

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Change Landbot custom CSS dynamically from parent page onload

By default, in case you want to add customisations with CSS to the style of your web bot, you will have to add the code in the Design > Custom > Code section: But there might be a case, where you wan…

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