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Building Tips & How to's

Find here suggestions and tricks to build more complex bots or to improve your flow! Learn how to bring your bot to the next level!

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Workarounds & Codes

The power of Landbot relies on its flexibility: learn how to 'hack' the app to boost its functionalities with these handy workarounds.

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Launching a bot depending on browser language

We know how important it is to provide personalized customer service, which is why we have created this workaround to display a bot based on the language of the user's browser. You need to create a b…

Sofia Teran
Updated 1 month ago by Sofia Teran

How to set up questions with a countdown

In this example, we will show a way to build a custom countdown timer to let the user answer in 5 seconds, if once those 5 seconds had finished and there user didn't input and send the question, the bot will continue to the next question.

Pau Sanchez
Updated 8 months ago by Pau Sanchez

Set a timer to get the time spent during the flow

We know how important might be to know the time your users spent completing the bot, so we decided to create this workaround: Here's how the builder will look: After the Welcome message add a Set var…

Sofia Teran
Updated 2 months ago by Sofia Teran