Flow operations

Global Keywords 🌍

Global Keywords. Global Keyword is a feature that allows setting Keywords that are going to be valid for the entire flow of the bot. Let's have a look at its main characteristics: 1️⃣ The block is an…

Ilaria Scuotto
Updated 7 months ago by Ilaria Scuotto

Keyword Jump

For Landbot (Web). Feature available only in our Professional and Business plans. Keyword Jump is a block that lets you easily set up a condition for your visitor's flow based on text inputs. The Key…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 7 months ago by Pau Sanchez

Keyword Options πŸ”‘ Assign keywords to buttons (WhatsApp and Facebook)

Improved experience for messaging channels. What would happen if Buttons and Keyword Jump had a baby? πŸ‘Ά We thought about it for a while, and finally came up with a solution: a newborn block, named Ke…

Ilaria Scuotto
Updated 3 months ago by Ilaria Scuotto

Lead Scoring block

What is Lead Scoring?. This feature is currently in BETA. It'll be available for Starter plan & above after the beta ends. Lead scoring refers to assigning points to leads based on how relevant they…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 8 months ago by Rafaela Basso

Persistent Menu

For Landbot (Web). Let's discover how the Persistent Menu block works. Stay tuned because this will take your visitors - literally - to a whole new level! The Persistent Menu allows you to set a grou…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 7 months ago by Rafaela Basso

Jump To block

For Landbot (Web). In some occasions we need to simply our flows by connecting different bots within the same builder. The Jump to feature can be really useful to achieve this result. Below are the 3…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 6 months ago by Rafaela Basso