Basics - Essentials to build a bot

Variables in Landbot - Getting Started

What is a Variable? πŸ’¬. Every time you ask a question in the bot and want to store that answer somewhere, you save this answer ( value ) in a variable. Think of a variable as a "box" that you can give…

Jonathan Goodfellow
Updated 6 days ago by Jonathan Goodfellow

Landbot system Variables

Landbot has its own variable system. The bot will save each and every data collected by the bot in a variable. Note: Apart from the case of the Welcome Message variable name, all the other variable n…

Sofia Teran
Updated 13 hours ago by Sofia Teran

Builder's keyboard shortcuts and mechanics! πŸ—

If you love creating with Landbot, you are going to love the new Builder's mechanics and Shortcuts! 😍 Keyboard Shortcuts are a key or combination of keys providing quick access to a particular functi…

Sofia Teran
Updated 3 weeks ago by Sofia Teran

Builder Interface

Our powerful Builder is the section of the app where all the magic happens! Here you can build your bot, customise it and bring the conversation to another levelπŸ”₯ Let's take a look at the interface i…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 4 months ago by Rafaela Basso

Supported Browsers

We are constantly working on improvements in order to provide everyone with the best experience on any browser and always recommend you to have your browser up to date. Not only do browser updates en…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 2 years ago by Pau Sanchez

Guidelines πŸš€ 5 best practices for chatbot design in Landbot πŸ€–

When you get started working with Landbot , it might be useful not only to know the basics of building a chatbot, but also having an overview on some guidelines and best practices , especially for la…

Ilaria Scuotto
Updated 2 years ago by Ilaria Scuotto

How to "debug" (troubleshoot) your bot's flow to spot possible errors (for non coders)

In some occasions we might find that the bot is not going through the flow as we expected... Don't worry, we will teach here you how to debug your bot! And you don't have to use any codes or be a dev…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 2 years ago by Pau Sanchez