Buttons block

Buttons block

For Landbot (Web). If there's something that makes Landbot special it is how you can use Buttons to create efficient, engaging, and easy-to-follow experiences. Buttons are elements your users can cli…

Anna P
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Reply Buttons block (WhatsApp)

Reply buttons, allows you to add buttons in a Whatsapp bot, for quick replies, saving time and effort to the user of the bot. It is very handy for: Airtime recharge. Changing personal details. Reorde…

Pau Sanchez
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Any of the above Output

When using the Buttons block, did you ever wonder what was the "Any of the above" output and how to use it? In this article, we will explain everything about it!. Note: In the Video tutorial you'll s…


How to open a new URL in another tab (window)

For Web. Would you like to send the users to another URL, opening a new tab (window) without closing the bot? Check out this article to see how to do this πŸ˜‰ Clicking on a button from a Buttons block.…

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How to set up Multiple Choice questions

Want to allow your users to choose more than one option at the same time, using Multiple choice buttons? The Multiple choice option is available inside the Buttons block , but the block behaves a bit…

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