Brick Workarounds

Bricks Workarounds (ready to use)

The following is an ongoing list of templates we have made public, so anyone can use. Each one of these Brick templates covers different use cases that you will be able to adapt to your own bots. Mak…

Pau Sanchez
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Simple cart v0.2

Sometimes we want to let users choose multiple items and then ask, for example, how many units of each selected item they want to add. Here we want to show you a very simple way to achieve it! Import…

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How to set the flow according to Open/Closed Business Hours

Do you want to direct your visitors to a determined flow according to the day and time they access the bot? Don't worry, we've got your back πŸ˜‰ Import into your bot our Ready-to-use Brick, called Busi…


How to avoid visitors selecting specific days of the week

Sometimes we might want to don't allow users to select specific days of the Week. Currently the Calendar question you cannot block specific days, so the user can select any of the days. Here is a sol…

Pau Sanchez
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