Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger Ultimate Guide

Create a new Facebook Messenger Channel. To create a new Facebook Messenger Channel, click on the Channels icon on the left bar of your Dashboard, then click on Messenger. Click on the Create a new C…

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Types of content you can use in Messenger bots πŸ–Ό

Want to know what content can be used in Messenger and its compatibility with Landbot? Check out this article to see all about it! Text Format ting. In the builder: To format the text, you can use th…

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How to Preview a Messenger bot

How to preview a Messenger bot. After you build a Messenger bot, can preview it in the Facebook or Messenger apps on your own phone as if you were the end user. πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ If you are ready to test your bot…

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Facebook Ad connected to Messenger Bot

Facebook Ads offer the possibility to be connected to a Messenger chat. And by clicking You can check the official guide to build a Click to Messenger here The first thing is that the Facebook Ad, on…

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