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How to migrate your bot from Landbot v2 (legacy) to Landbot v3

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In this article we will explain how to migrate your bot to the newest Landbot version and clarify some doubts that you can have πŸš€

Landbot 3 is a brand new much improved, frictionless web bot UI πŸ€–

You can have a quick look into what changes in Landbot 3 in this article.

How to recognize if you are using v2 or v3

First things first!

Not sure what version you are currently using to build your bot? Here we will explain how to find it out πŸ˜‰

  • In the Bot Builder

When using v2 in the bot builder right next to the bot name you'll see "Landbot 2:

Landbot 3

Landbot 2

  • In the Dashboard

If you are using v3, in your Dashboard you'll see "v3" next to the bot's name :

Landbot 3

Landbot 2

How to migrate your bot from v2 to v3

It is possible to create a copy of the current bot built in v2 to the newest v3 one!

Once you're in the bot builder, go to the Settings section. When you scroll down, you'll see the button DUPLICATE THIS BOT TO TEST THE NEW UI:

Once you click on the button, you will see a pop up that will lead you to the new bot in v3, if OPEN CHATBOT button is clicked.

What happens to my current v2 bot now?

The migration will not affect it, there won't be any changes in the bot that you already have built in v2.

What happens to the migrated v3 copy?

It will be necessary to make some adaptations in the new bot created in v3:

  1. Β Edit the DesignΒ of the bot, as Design settings change from Landbot 2 to Landbot 3.
To get more information about the Design section in Landbot 3, please check this article.
  1. Check that Styling (Custom styles and colours / CSS)Β and Code (Script / JS) are working as expected first.

If not, please adapt it following the instructions of our articles or reach out to our Support team.​

To get more information about Custom styles and colours/CSS, please check this article.
To get more information about Javascript in Landbot 3, please check this article.
  1. Change the snippetΒ used to embed the bot in the website.
To get more information about Embedding into your website, please check this article.


How can I create a Web bot in v3 from scratch?

To create a Web bot in v3 from scratch you need to click on the button BUILD A CHATBOT in the right section of the Dashboard:

Note: It's only possible to create Landbot 3 for WEB bots

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