Account Settings and Billing


How do subscriptions work? Do we offer discounts? What payment forms are available? Here all the answers!

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Account Settings

Landbot is all about team-playing: learn how to add seats to your account, manage your subscription and much much more!

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Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are a vital part of Landbot. Here's how we protect yours!

Teammates - Add extra agents (seats) to your Account

What is a Teammate?. A Teammate is person who has access to your Landbot account, but with his/her own credentials. When you create a Teammate you create a unique Login and Password for this user. An…

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Notifications section

The notifications section is the place where you can set up all the notifications you will receive in your account. Chats notifications. Now, every time a new chat goes through the Human Takeover blo…

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