How to re-use a brick?

When you create a new brick it is by default a "private" brick. This means that this brick is available only into the bot in which has been created.

If you want to re-use this brick into another bot you have just to follow the steps you will find into the menu "make it reusable":

- Switch the "local" option

- Click on "create a brick template"

In this way you create a "copy" of your brick: the brick-template. You will be able to import it into any of your bots from the bricks panel (and/or from the explore option).


A brick-template is like a "picture" or a virtual copy of a brick that you can re-use and edit into any of your bot or bricks

Once you have imported the brick-template you will be able to edit it without changing the original brick, because they are independent each other.

Every time you import a brick-template into a bot (or into another brick) it turns again into a "private" brick, with no legacy from the brick-template. You can apply every kind of changes on it with no effects on the brick-templates (nor to the original brick). As well as, you can create another brick-template from it.


You cannot modify the brick-template itself, but you have to import it into a bot, edit the changes and create again a brick-template

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