How to re-use a Brick?

When you create a new brick it is by default a "private" brick. This means that this brick is available only into the landbot in which has been created.

If you want to re-use this brick into another landbot, click the menu "Make it reusable" and follow these steps:

- Switch the "Local Brick" option

- Click on "Create a Brick Template"

This way you will create a 'copy' of your brick: the brick-template. You will be able to import it into any of your landbots from the Bricks panel (and/or from the Explorer option).


A brick template is like a 'picture' or a virtual copy of a brick that you can re-use and edit into any of your landbots or bricks

Once you have imported the brick template, you will be able to edit it without changing the original brick, because they are independent each other.

Every time you import a brick template into a landbot (or into another brick) it turns again into a "private" brick, with no legacy from the brick template. You can apply every kind of changes on it with no effects on the brick-templates (nor the original brick). You can also create another brick template from it.


You cannot modify the brick template itself. You have to import it into a landbot, edit the changes and create a brick-template again.

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