How to Import Fonts in Landbot

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Landbot offers by default a range of fonts that you might want to use in your bot.

But in some cases you might want to use something more personal or special. Here we'll show you how to import your own fonts, you'll just need the url, keep in mind that the font must be publicly hosted and accessible, as Landbot isn't able to access local files or fonts that require authorization to access.

  1. First we'll get our url, and font family, making sure it's in a valid format and publicly hosted(OpenType or TrueType):

  1. Next we'll go to 'Design'>'Custom Code'>'Add CSS' in our bot where we want the font applied.

We'll paste the following:

@font-face {
font-family: 'VeganStylePersonalUse';
* {
font-family: "VeganStylePersonalUse";

  1. In both 'font-family' sections we'll add the name of the font family we'll be using, then in 'src' we'll add the url of our font file.
  2. Press 'Apply' and then 'Publish'.

It should look like this:

And this is the result, keep in mind it won't be applied to the placeholders:

That's it! Enjoy using your own fonts!

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