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What is the Opt-in process? ✍️

What is the Opt-in process?. As in other channels, like Facebook Messenger, users need to first give you their consent to be reached via WhatsApp. There are several ways in which businesses can get O…

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How to get Opt-ins (Subscribers) for your WhatsApp πŸš€

Intro. In order to reach out to your users, they need to become subscribers first! 🀚 This is the place where we provide you with the tools you need to get them onboard. πŸš€ Once you have an active What…

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WhatsApp Opt In Template βœ…

Intro. As you probably already know, before you can proactively reach out to your users you first need to get their permission. There are many different ways of getting their permission; the most sim…

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WhatsApp Campaigns πŸ’Œ

Intro. Campaigns is a sub-section of WhatsApp Business, and will only be active if you have a business plan and an approved business phone number! By default, WhatsApp API Business accounts can send…

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HSM Templates section

Introduction. What is an HSM template?. A Highly-Structured Message (HSM) is a Template that is required for proactive/outbound messaging in Whatsapp. These are used because of limitations to how Wha…

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