WhatsApp Bot Creation

Creating bots for WhatsApp πŸ™Œ

Create a Messenger/WhatsApp bot. Click on Build a chatbot in the top-right corner of your dashboard: Then on Start from scratch : Then, you'll have the option to choose the channel you want to create…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 1 month ago by Rafaela Basso

How to preview WhatsApp and Messenger bots

Previewing bots for messaging channels. Both WhatsApp and Messenger bots can't be previewed from Landbot, because they can only work on their own apps. So, all you need to do is pick up your phone, m…

Ilaria Scuotto
Updated 4 weeks ago by Ilaria Scuotto

Types of content you can use in WhatsApp πŸ–Ό

Want to know what content can be used in Whatsapp and its compatibility with Landbot? Check out this article to see all about it! Text. In the builder: To format the text, you can use the below symbo…

Rafaela Basso
Updated 1 month ago by Rafaela Basso

How to capture and use the first user's interaction (input) in Whatsapp/Messenger

In some cases, we don't want to ask something when we start a bot. We might need to start right away depending on what the user is texting. To do so, here are the steps: Delete the Welcome Message th…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 2 months ago by Pau Sanchez

How to direct a user through a different bot flow on their second visit (for WhatsApp/Messenger)

Intro. In many cases, chat bots are used to qualify users by asking for information like their name, email etc. πŸ” However, it can cause friction if users return more than once and have to answer thes…

Xandro Lopez
Updated 2 months ago by Xandro Lopez

Unblock user of error message loop and redirect to restart bot

Sometimes a user might get "stucked" in a question without being able to exit, or might return after few days, and realises that after saying "Hi", the bot is still in the last question he/she did st…

Pau Sanchez
Updated 1 month ago by Pau Sanchez