WhatsApp Bot Creation - Best Practices and compatibility guide

Build a WhatsApp Bot - Best Practices and User guide

How to Create a WhatsApp bot. To create a WhatsApp bot click on the "Build a chatbot" option of your dashboard and select WhatsApp: Once you select the WhatsApp bot will see that you can start the bo…

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Build a WhatsApp Bot - Best Practices for Developers

This article offers a guide for developers that need a "quick" introduction to the most important concepts during the planning, developing and testing of a WhatsApp bot with Landbot for developers. O…

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WhatsApp bots - Feature Compatibility Guide

Features Compatible with WhatsApp bots. Let's take a look at the list of them: Reply Buttons block. The Reply Buttons block allows you to add buttons in a WhatsApp bot for quick replies, saving time…

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Types of Content and Media you can use in WhatsApp 🖼

Want to know what content can be used in WhatsApp and its compatibility with Landbot? Check out this article to see all about it! Text. In the builder: To format the text, you can use the below symbo…

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WhatsApp - How to capture and use the first user's interaction (input)

In some cases, we don't want to ask something when we start a bot. We might need to start right away depending on what the user is texting. In new WhatsApp bots, you will see the User Input block as…

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WhatsApp - How to direct a user through a different bot flow on their second visit

Second Visit in WhatsApp/Messenger bots. Our bots for WhatsApp/Messenger always continue the conversation until it reaches the end of the flow. Once the last block is reached, if the user sends any m…

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WhatsApp - Get user out of error message loop

Sometimes, users can get stuck in a question loop and cannot get out of it! They may even leave the bot and return later to find that any input will still return them to the same place in the bot. Th…

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Javascript in WhatsApp

There may be instances where we need to use Javascript inside of our WhatsApp flow However, as WhatsApp doesn't have access to a console we are limited in how we can do this With Make's(Integromat's)…

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How to calculate the number of days between two selected dates (WhatsApp)

In the following example we are going to select two dates and check the difference in days between them, for WhatsApp bots. With Make's (Integromat's) new Custom JS module we can now seamlessly run a…

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Creating a Loop in WhatsApp

We cannot have closed loops on a bot, but we can use the jump to block to bypass this. We will create a simple flow to show this. The flow is divided in 2 parts, the loop and the rest of the bot. On…

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AI in WhatsApp

WhatsApp can be even more powerful when we integrate AI, in this example we'll explain how you can use OpenAI in your WhatsApp flow This is a fairly simple integration and no coders should be able to…

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Send Automated Message Templates based on Dates

In case we want to send automated messages to a user who initiated a conversation in WhatsApp but has not finished it yet, we can create a Integromat/Make scenario and use the Landbot API to achieve…

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Different ways to format numbers with JS (WhatsApp)

With Make's (Integromat's) new Custom JS module we can now seamlessly run a Javascript function during the flow, and return the value back to our user in WhatsApp without interrupting the conversatio…

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Notify Teammates of Chat via WhatsApp

In this article we'll show you how you can notify your employees via WhatsApp of incoming chats For this workaround, your employees will need to have been previously opted in, and we will need their…

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Creating a Simple Cart in WhatsApp

In this article we will create a simple shopping cart of a fictitious restaurant that will take our order via WhatsApp. The flow is very simple as will look like so: We will loop around the ordering…

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