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WhatsApp Number Migration / Porting to Landbot

What is Number Porting?

Number Porting means that a phone number that is already registered in the WhatsApp Business API can be moved between WhatsApp Business API accounts. This allows for businesses to change BSPs (Business Solution Provider) or move their number to a new account, but only if the source and destination Business Manager IDs are the same.

After being migrated, a phone number keeps its display name, quality rating, messaging limits, Official Business Account status, and any high-quality message templates previously approved.

Template Messages and chat history migration

Only the high quality message templates are migrated on this process.

Low quality, rejected, or pending templates are not migrated. Any existing message templates in the destination WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) will not be overwritten.

Templates can take a couple of hours to migrate from one provider to another
Template ID's will change after the migration

Message and chat history are not migrated with this process.

Exception: Message and chat history will me migrated automatically if you have an up and running WhatsApp integration with Landbot.
Prerequisites for Number Porting

In order for a Phone Number to be ported to 360dialog:

  • You must be able to receive and verify a 6 Digit PIN Code through SMS or Voice Call.
  • The WhatsApp Business Account connected to the number to be ported must be verified by Facebook. Accounts in Sandbox and Limited access tier mode cannot be ported.
  • Two-Factor Verification (2FA) must be disabled for the number.
You need to request the old BSP to disable Two-Factor Verification.
If you are migrating a phone number already connected to Landbot. Please reach out to to help you disconnect your 2FA.

You must also have:

  • Admin Access to Business Manager: this is necessary since you will need to accept the Message-on-Behalf request.
  • Facebook Business ID of the number to be ported.

Preparation checklist

Before migrating a number, please make sure you go through the following checklist:

  1. Valid Facebook Business ID
    You can find your Facebook Business Manager ID (FBM ID) by going to the Business info section of your Business Manager. The FBM ID must be associated with the WhatsApp Account / Number that you are trying to migrate.

  1. Admin Access to Facebook Business Manager
    You must have Admin access to the FBM Account.
  2. Facebook Business Manager is verified
  3. Phone number access
    You must have access to the phone number to receive a 6 Digit PIN Code via SMS or Phone Call.

During the process you'll have to disable your Two Factor Verification.

You must check and confirm with your old BSP that Two-Factor Verification (2FA) is disabled on the existing WhatsApp Business API Client.

If you are migrating a phone number already connected to Landbot. Please reach out to to help you disconnect your 2FA or book a call with us to do it live.

I am migrating my current number from a different provider to Landbot

First time migrating/porting a number

If you already have a WhatsApp phone number integrated with Landbot and need to migrate it to the our new partner, please follow these steps.

Please keep in mind that:
1. During this process incoming and outgoing messages on your WhatsApp number will stop
2. Message Templates won't be available for a few hours.
3. Message Templates ID's will change

Step 1: Setting up a call with the Success team
  1. Open your Landbot app
  2. Navigate to Channels (the antenna icon on the left of your dashboard) or click here
  3. Click on WhatsApp Business NEW
We recommend you to book a call with the Success team to ensure a minimum amount of downtime. If you have booked a call with the Success team, do not continue with the process since you will do this live with them.
If you'd like to do this process on your own, please contact before you start the process so we can disconnect the 2FA for you
Step 2: Requesting the phone number migration

Once you have received confirmation from the Success team that your 2FA has been disconnected

  1. Go back to Channels (the antenna icon on the left of your dashboard) or click here.
  2. Click on "I have a WhatsApp account with other BSP"
  1. This will open a form that you'll need to fill out with the following info:
    1. Email to login to your 360Dialog account
    2. Your full name
    3. The company name of the phone number you're migrating
    4. The Facebook Business Manager ID you used when doing the integration in the first place
    5. The phone number you're migrating
    6. The current BSP (please choose Zendesk)
    7. A password to login to your 360Dialog account

Once you've filled out all these details, mark the check box and click Accept Terms.

Step 3: Accepting Message on Behalf request in Business Manager

Once you've done that, you'll be redirected to a second page which will ask you to accept a message on behalf in your Facebook Business Manager.

This message can be found in the Requests section of your FBM.

Keep in mind that the notification can take a couple of minutes to appear.

Once you have accepted the notification, mark the check box and click "Continue to phone number verification".

Step 4: Number registration
IMPORTANT: Do not trigger registration unless you have confirmation that the 2FA from your previous BSP has been disconnected.

You must have access to the phone number to verify the ownership and receive a 6 Digit PIN Code per SMS or Voice Call.

If you do not receive the PIN code in 1 hour after triggering it, contact

Step 5: Wait for setup

You need to wait for the number to be set up. This step takes a few minutes, but right afterwards the API key generation will be possible.

If your page does not change after more than 1 hour, please contact

Step 6: Generating an API key

After the phone number is migrated and set up, you will be able to generate the API key and send messages with the number migrated to 360dialog.

How do I generate an API key?

1. Login to your 360 Client Hub

2. Navigate to the WhatsApp Accounts section

3. Find the number you want to generate the API Key for

4. Click Generate API Key

Step 7: Finalising the migration

To finalise the migration:

  1. Copy the API Key
  2. Navigate back to your Landbot app or click here
  1. Click on "I already have a 360Dialog account"
  2. Paste your API Key, give the channel a name and click Confirm.

Synchronising Message Templates

If once you have completed your migration, you'd like to sync your Message template messages, please follow these steps:

  1. From the 360Dialog Hub, click on Manage Templates of your WhatsApp account
  1. This should take you to the Templates section

  1. Click on Synchronize with Facebook to load your templates
Keep in mind that only templates with a High Quality Rating will be migrated

  1. Navigate back to your WhatsApp channel > Message templates on your Landbot account and click Sync message templates

Migrating/Porting number when it's not your first time

If you already have a 360Dialog account, you will follow a slightly different process to add additional numbers to Landbot.

  1. Login to your 360 Client Hub
  2. Navigate to the WhatsApp Accounts section
  3. Hover over the blue circle and click "port existing number to 360Dialog"
  4. Fill out the following details:
    1. WhatsApp Phone number to be migrated
    2. WhatsApp Business Account
    If the WhatsApp Business Id is not on your list, click on "Create new WhatsApp Business Account"
    1. Facebook Business Manager ID of the account

Once you have filled that in you will have to follow the same steps as Migrating a new number starting at Step 3

If you need any assistance during the whole process, do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager or

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